Surface Water Improvement Project


City of Bend

Portland Engineering, Inc. was selected by US West Corporation to provide all electrical distribution hardware and manufacturer support services, Control Panels and Instrumentation on a new Surface Water Treatment Plant for the City of Bend, Oregon. 三亿体育平台 provided Switchboards, Variable Frequency Drives, Motor Control Centers, Lighting Distribution Panels and Transformers through an in-depth submittal process. 三亿体育平台 managed the sub-contract to complete Short Circuit Analysis, Protective Device Coordination, Arc-Flash and Electrical Equipment Acceptance studies. 三亿体育平台 designed and constructed seven (7) Local Control Panels and provided numerous instruments that included Magnetic Flow Meters, Thermal Flow Switches, Variable Area Flow Meters, Pressure Transmitters, Pressure Switches, Float Tilt Switches, Ultrasonic Level Transmitters, Vibronic Level Switches, Temperature Transmitters, Analytical Instruments to include pH, ORP, Free Chlorine and Turbidity, a large clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow Meter, and a Bubbler Level Monitoring System. 三亿体育平台 provided all warning indicators, door intrusion and network hardware on the project. Our scope of work included Submittals, extensive on and off-site testing, Instrument Configuration, VFD Manufacturer Startup Services, Functional Testing Support, Operation and Maintenance Manuals and Operator Training.